Control Systems Links

Visual Solutions Maker of VisSim simulation tools. Version 7.0 now available. Download free demo. From basic math to calculus; also a math dictionary.
Math Archives Educational materials,database, information on mathematics
Theorem Net Resource for information and links in control theory, engineering and mathematics.
Phase Locked Loop Page Phase locked loop basics, tutorial, applications and links.
Interactive Phase Locked Loop Designer On line applet for the design of phase locked loops.
Control System Design Companion website to book by Goodwin, Graebe and Salgado.

Motion Control Links

Voice Coil Actuators Link to BEI Kimco, leading manufacturer of voice coil actuators
Vector Control Dr. Sidman - simulation tool for the design of vector control in AC induction motors
Motors & Drives
Jones on Stepping Motors Excellent reference on the theory of operation/ methods of control of stepping
Danaher Motion Control Danaher Motion Technologies website
PCIM On line magazine for motion control
Reliance Homepage of Reliance Electric Motors
Servo Reference Reference of on-line servo motion control
Digital Motor Controls Texas Instruments - resource of white papers on the digital control of motors
U.S. Electrical Motors Homepage of U.S. Electrical Motors
AutomationTechies Resource for automation controls

Science Education

Science On Saturdays  University of California TV presents on-line videos, podcasts from Lawrence
Livermore Laboratory
Cell Biology Animation  Excellent tutorials on cell biology, DNA. Explains the pH scale.
Science Hobbyist  Gateway to science projects, supplies and many other science related materials
Usenet Physics FAQ  Questions and answers regarding everyday and not so everyday physical
Open Source Textbooks and software for science education. Quality material - for free!

Science Supplies and Materials

The Science Company
Scitoys Some unique science supplies. Platinum coated Nickel Wire
Educational Innovations Science Educational Materials
United Nuclear  Unusual & Rare Science Materials and Supplies

Electricity and Magnetism

Nikola Tesla's Patents PDF images of Tesla's patents
Basics of Electricty This page recommended by Ms. Morrison's students in Vermont

Astronomy and Space Science

Track Satellites  NASA's J-Track website allows you to track Earth satellites in 3-D
The Nine Planets Excellent multimedia tour of our solar system and more by Bill Arnett
Solar System Exploration NASA's resource on our solar system and its missions to explore
Hubble Ultra Deep Field View video. Excellent video that illustrates just how huge our universe is
The Official Hubble Site by the European Space Agency

Building Blocks of The Universe

The Periodic Table of Videos  Unique website from Nottingham University in England. Elements in
periodic table link to You Tube videos discussing or demonstrating the element.
WebElements  On-Line Periodic Table of the Elements
Reciprocal Net  On Line collection of molecules for 3D visualization
Atom Part 1  1st in a Three part BBC series on the Atom
Atom Part 2  2nd part
Atom Part 3  3rd part
Mineralogy Database online catalog of minerals
Island of Stability NOVA's Science Now feature on the elusive element #114
Atomic Structure and the Periodic Table  An online textbook
The Comic Book Periodic Table of the Elements From the Metal Men comic books
Chemical & Engineering News Periodic Table of The Elements
Radiochemistry Table of element isotopes
Element Displays Online displays you can purchase
Pictorial Periodic Table of the Elements from Russia
Wooden Periodic Table  Theodore Gray's Periodic table Website
Chemistry Links Excellent - link to chemistry links
More Chemistry Links More links
Printable Periodic Tables Excellent Quality
Chemistry Animations & Demo Movies Links to animations and demos
More Demos  Video chemistry demos
Periodic Table  Dynamic periodic table - very different from others
Spectra of the Elements Excellent resource to view absorption or emission spectra of the elements
Link to Links  on chemistry demonstrations. Unique and resource full.
The Particle Adventure Award winning site from LRL to learn about quarks, neutrinos, antimatter and
much more.

Misc Reference

Reference Shelf Dictionaries, Thesauri, Tech Dictionaries, Foreign Language Dictionaries ...
Directory of Open Access Journals  Free publications
The Internet Archive Open Access Digital Library; borrow, contribute
Project Gutenberg Free public domain electronic books
Global Science Gateway A world wide search engine for scientific publications
Martindale's Reference Desk A wealth of on-line calculators, spreadsheets and Java applets

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